• Jaya Shah

    Jaya Shah

    Her family's second chance.
  • Meg Barton

    Meg Barton

    Bowling Octopus
  • Robert Kingsfield

    Robert Kingsfield

    Destined to be a hero, but trained to be a soldier?
  • Shizuoka Tamaki

    Shizuoka Tamaki

    Heir to a dragonborn shrine in the hills, Tamaki left family duty and responsibilities (and terrible data coverage) for a chance to become a hero in the bigger world.
  • Amanda Solz

    Amanda Solz

    A dedicated student, her prehensile hair was quite versatile in the practical test. She also demonstrated the ability to swallow and expel matter through her hair somehow.
  • Curtis Choi

    Curtis Choi

    Clearly studious, but kept going back and re-checking his work. Created folded-paper constructs and weapons which were effective but slow to deploy.
  • Deion Tate

    Deion Tate

    Quiet and analytical. Teleported objects from his hands to various points on the battlefield, ranging from dropping rocks on heads to spattering optical sensors with paint to scattering ball bearings.
  • Emilia Diaz

    Emilia Diaz

    Confident and stylish, and also green and seven feet tall. She’s naturally strong, and during the test transformed herself into metal and stone.
  • Fred Williams

    Fred Williams

    Overly romantic, highly distractible. His head is a deer’s, antlers and all, and he has hooves on his feet. Fast but not super-fast, strong but not super-strong, clearly possesses impressive enhanced senses. Antlers able to take down a robot, but not e
  • Hannah Zelenski

    Hannah Zelenski

    Cheerful and outgoing, but literally on a different wavelength from everyone else; her body is completely reflective in the visible spectrum. Apparently used energy blasts in the practical, although no one could see them.
  • Jessica Huang

    Jessica Huang

    Rebellious and smart-alecky, but with an inner fire. Can phase in short bursts, and disrupt electronics and nervous systems by phasing through them. Literally walked through the test by either disrupting robots or pulling out their inner workings.
  • K Estrella

    K Estrella

    Constantly used a fidget cube during the exam; flew through the practical exam on literal wings of fire, leaving trails of it behind as they flew.
  • Kylie Sorcha

    Kylie Sorcha

    Pretty distracted in the written exams, but in the practical exam, she screamed and caused huge explosions which could take out enemies with ease. (Her lack of other options hindered her, though.)
  • Olen


    Resembles a grass doll, and came off as somewhat touchy. Grew patches of brambles on the battlefield during the test.
  • Samantha "Skullmaster" Simmons

    Samantha "Skullmaster" Simmons

    Her face is a skull and mostly unreadable. She was working hard on her written tests, but appeared to have trouble. In the practical, however, she was terrifying, floating above the battlefield on a gigantic floating skull while launching flaming, homin
  • Tai Oswald

    Tai Oswald

    Slow and deliberate; he has stony skin and is hunched over by the heavy turtle-like shell on his back. His strategy in the test was to withdraw into his shell and wait for something to come nearby, then either jump out and hit it or fire a spray of spike
  • Tyler O'Keefe

    Tyler O'Keefe

    Always alert, but jittery. In the test, moved very quickly, darting in to touch robots, which sometimes fell over with no obvious effects.
  • Yousef Book

    Yousef Book

    Focused and driven every step of the way; serious at all times. He creates pillars of stone which he uses for offense, defense and transportation.