Meg Barton

Bowling Octopus


Lots of long, muscular tentacles coming out of waist. Can roll into ball and bowl things over, as well as climb, grapple, and bounce. Homemade tentacle armor made out of sliced up tires and velcro ties, hopefully to be updated to a latex tentacle suit.

15 years old, 5’4", 250 lb (heavy tentacles)

Power level: 8
Power points: 120


Strength: 8 (all from Enhanced Strength)
Agility: 0
Fighting: 0
Awareness: 7
Stamina: 3
Dexterity: 0
Intellect: 5
Presence: 0


Dodge: +4
Parry: +4
Fortitude: +8
Toughness: +12
Will: +8

Powers & Devices

Tentacles: Extra limbs 8, Elongation 1, Enhanced Advantages 2 (Fast Grab, Enhanced Hold)
Tentacled Mobility: Movement 2 (Spider Climb), Speed 3 (240 ft in one move action), Leaping 3, Swimming 2
Rubbery Tentacle Protection: Immunity 2 (falling damage), Protection 9
Enhanced Strength 8 (can lift six tons)

Alternate Effect: Damage 8, Area Effect (line), Quirk: Must move along path of line.


Luck 2
Takedown 2


Athletics +16
Close Combat (Tentacles) +8
Expertise (Construction ) +13
Insight +13
Perception +11
Technology +11


Hailing from rural Georgia, Meg is the first in her family to have tentacles long enough to be useful in the superhero business. She always felt awkward due to her size but was inspired by the awkwardly-shaped hero Lady Cube. Her family is outwardly supportive of her acceptance to the Hero Academy but quietly resentful. She doesn’t have a lot of money, and her brother had to clear out his van to give her a ride to San Fransokyo. She likes pop country music and is roommates with Emilia Diaz, sharing a half-bath with Amanda Solz and Kylie Sorcha.

Meg Barton

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